Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivation Monday

summer 2004

Summer 2010

I love before and after photos!

Unfortunately I can not find any pictures of myself after I had the boys and I was 208 pounds! Either, there were none, or I burned them all! But I promise, when I find one I'll post it!

This is just a 6 year span, and probably 20 pounds for me and 30 for my husband. (Who looks like an escaped convict in the first photo! His words!!) At this particular time in our lives we were not very conscious of what we were eating or drinking. We both work out, I was teaching about 6 classes a week and he was lifting 4-5 nights a week. It was not until 4 years later did we finally get a hold on our nutrition and made a difference in our lives and pant size!

Both of these photos are hanging on my wall in my great room and it wasn't until the other day did I realize just how much heavier I was just a few years ago! I am grateful for where I am and how far I've come. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I don't. I do not hold myself up to others and compare their fantastic fit body's against mine, we are all made uniquely. Different metabolisms, body shape, genetics...Be grateful for where you are and how far you've come! Don't dwell on the negative, don't keep obsessing over small things. Make the necessary changes and move on!  Stop with the "If only's"... If only I could get rid of the fat on my hips! If only I had more time to workout! If only I could stop eating cheese! If only I could not eat all of the crap my husband eats! If I could make all of my food ahead of time! If only....
All of those are my "If only's", at one time! Again I say, Make the necessary changes and move on! Like I say in class...Suck It Up!! Love the body God has given you. If you don't...Make the necessary changes and move on.

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.  ~Veronica A. Shoffstall,

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