Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Foods a Cancer Doctor Avoids at all Costs

1. Swordfish, tuna, shark. These are a major source of methyl mercury, a carcinogen that's also been shown to cause neurological damage to unborn babies when pregnant women ingest it.

2. Genetically engineered foods (GMO's). "These are foods that been mutated by the insertion of  'donor genes' that 'turn on' the desired trait", says Dr. Contrares. "There is no way of telling what other genes may be turned on by this process, including cancer causing genes". (I have no idea what that is.)

3. Meat from animals given hormones. "The primary hormone used is estrogen, a proven carcinogen," says Dr. Contreras. "Furthermore, I recommend a limited amount of meat consumption even of hormone- free meats."

4. Charred foods. "The process that's been burned or charred produces carcinogenic chemical compounds
that can significantly increase your risk for cancer," says Dr. Contreras.

5. Canned foods. "This process by which foods are preserved for a long shelf life is devastating to their nutritional value, and the innumerable chemicals used in the canning process is very deleterious to our health on many different levels. This is one group of foods where 'never' should be seriously considered."

6. Processed meats (hot dogs, sausages, bologna, etc) Don't let those tantalizing TV commercials and print ads for these products fool you. Dr. Contreras explains "I urge you to witness how processed meat products are made- I bet that this in itself would be sufficient to get you to stop consuming them".

7. Black sausage (black pudding) "Blood is a carrier of disease-transmitting micro-organisms that tax our immune system, opening the door to opportunistic diseases such as cancer." (Damn! There goes my special Thanksgiving side dish!)

8. Olestra. "This fat substitute' has been shown to cause a 40-50 percent drop in blood carotenoids (antioxidants with an anti-cancer effect). Olestra is used in a vast array of foods. Read the labels!"

9. Produce grown using pesticides. "Many pesticides are well-known carcinogens," says Dr. Contreras. Eat organic as much as possible.

10. Alcohol. "According to the American Cancer Society, Drinking alcohol can cause cancer...and the more alcohol a person consumes, the higher his/her risk of developing some kinds of cancer. To be safe, just don't drink.

Wow that was an eye opener! Do with the information what you will...I know I've got some cleaning to do! Would it be bad to give canned food to a food pantry? Although I'm keeping my Saturday night martinis!!

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