Monday, August 22, 2011

Has Anyone Seen my Six Pack?

Yep, that was me last November! My first Figure Competition! I honestly have to say, I loved my six pack! I had never seen it in all of my 42 years, until that contest!

Over the holidays I added a few pounds. I decided to commit to another competition in the spring. I was having a DIFFICULT time with my diet! It was not as "easy" as it was the first time!  My diet was not as strict as it had been before, and I was waffling. I actually had a competition in mind, but due to both my son's having injury's in the interim, I decided not to do the April competition, but chose one in May instead. Crunch time, the weight that I had gained over the winter was sticking to me like glue!

I was getting more and more frustrated with myself! Damn it! Why was this so difficult? I did it before, I knew exactly what to eat down to the smallest macronutrient! I was making bad choices again and again! 4 weeks out, I finally wrapped my head around what I was doing and melted off 8 pounds...Aaahh my six pack was back! I was ready. I did the competition in May, came in 3rd, and vowed I would NEVER lose my abs again!

Well...This is difficult for me to say...I've lost my six pack!  Ouch! That hurt...

Today is a new day. I am currently looking for a goal...a competition in October or November! There I said it out loud! (kinda!) Who is with me? Who needs to buck up and make themselves work towards something worth while?! August 22...GAME ON! Do it for you, because you can!

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ~ Zig Ziglar


  1. I'm with you!! I bought a pair of jeans that don't fit me on Saturday and told myself I'd be in them by the end of the year. They are a size I haven't worn since I was 15!! Now where is my quest bar??

    Heidi K.

  2. Such an inspiration. I learn something in every message I read on this blog. Health/nutrition, motivation, fitness and even you have weaknesses that you overcome. Great Race here I come!!

  3. You're the best!!!!!! My abs have ALWAYS been my weakness...of course poor diet choices are to blame....but you always kick my butt and keep me motivated....thanks miss :)