Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are You Getting Enough Antioxidants?

Tufts scientists estimate that on an average day most Americans consume less than a third  of the dietary antioxidants needed to take full advantage of the health promoting benefits of antioxidants.

Organic farming methods can increase concentrations of antioxidants in vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy products, and in this way help people elevate their daily antioxidant intake with out a proportional rise in calories.

Organic vegetables had 30 percent to 10-times higher levels of flavonoids compared to conventionally grown produce in a study carried out in Japan
Source: The Organic Center

Top Antioxidant Foods:
ORAC* units per 100 grams

Dark Chocolate   13,120
Mild Chocolate    6,740
Prunes                 5,770
Raisins                 2,830
Blueberries          2,400
Blackberries        2,036
Kale                    1,770
Strawberries        1,540
Spinach               1,260
Raspberries         1,220
Brussels sprouts   980
Plums                   949
Alfalfa sprouts      930
Broccoli               890
Oranges               750
Red Grapes         739
Red bell Pepper   710
Cherries               670
Onion                  450
Corn                   400
Eggplant              390

 *Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity is a measure of a food's ability to subdue harmful free radicals that can damage our bodies.

Think about the vegetables and fruit you buy, go organic. Add berries/oranges/plums to protein smoothies, have more broccoli, spinach and kale for side dishes, saute onions and peppers with your main protein source for extra antioxidants.

Happiness is never stopping to think if you are!

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