Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling Uncomfortable

Do you remember awlile back I was telling you about my Sunday runs..."not to fast, not to slow, just my own pace for that particular day".  Well a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join her on a run she does before my Saturday Core class. Now...I've seen her run on the treadmill, Uuummm....she is quite fast!

So I immediately try to come up with an excuse on why I could not run with her, I got nothin'! I stammer..."Uummm, I wouldn't want to hold you back from your run..." down, down I sink into my shoes..."You wouldn't!" she replies...I keep stammering, nothing is working! So she says, "what is the matter..." I blurt out, "Your so FAST! I'm afraid I couldn't keep up with you!" There I said it! "I'm afraid"! It was out...Gosh, I felt like a stupid school girl all over again! Damn it!!

Then I accepted her offer. I thought what is the worst that could happen? Either she would have to slow down and wait for me or I'd blow a lung through Ehrman Farms!

 I started out making excuses on why I couldn't run fast. It hurts my knees. I like to take long runs. Basically making excuses on why I don't like to make myself uncomfortable! Well, I'm happy to say I have both lungs and I made it! I sucked it up and ran as fast as I could, which was still 3 steps behind her! But I felt good about it! I didn't like feeling uncomfortable in the beginning of the run, but towards the middle and end I felt much better about myself! Who knew I could run so fast? And my knees didn't hurt at all!

So think about what excuses you are making to yourself...YOU CAN do what ever you set your mind to! Oh and by the way...I'm meeting her again Saturday to run again!

You won't fail if you're not perfect, you'll fail if you're not committed to improving yourself slightly each day.


  1. I hate to run with other people but I can see how it could be really motivating. Good thing you are more mature than me :)

    Hey, football starts today! For your boys too??

  2. I almost fainted one morning at outdoor bootcamp when you said we are running to Ehrman Farms. I immediately said to myself "OMG I am never going to be able to do this or keep up with the group." I was panicked before we even started. So...we began our journey. Of course I was last. You stuck by my side telling me not to quit. I didn't quit and was surprised that I finished the run even though I was last and 15 minutes late with the group. So now I am trying to run 15 minutes before or after my usual workouts. I am determined to beat this whole fear of running thing. Stupid really. It is all mental and all about getting out of a comfort zone.

  3. Tammy, You Rock!! You inspire me to do more every day because I CAN! Way to go!