Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More on Why Women Should Strength Train With Heavy Weights

 In addition to what I was saying last week... I came across this article on abdominal fat loss and strength training:

Full body resistance training is necessary to increase the fat burning hormones testosterone and growth hormone  (HGH). The extent to which these hormones are released greatly depends on the intensity of the exercise, particularly the heaviness of the weight, the exercises used (free weights versus machines), the amount of rest between sets and the extent to which an exerciser induces failure.

Intensity must be such that the weight used is heavy enough to induce a muscular burn or induce mechanical failure (the weight can no longer be lifted), both of which increases the release of testosterone and HGH. Rests should be minimal to keep the heart rate elevated and some lactic acid in the muscles.

Performing free weight exercises are best for reducing belly fat since these exercises rely more heavily on the stabilizers of the torso. This, together with a heavy, failure-inducing weight, will surely burn fat and calories to the extent necessary to lower body fat percentage and release powerful fat burning hormones.

More reasons to lift like you mean it!!

Stop trying to figure out "Why" you have an issue with food or exercise, and just do what you know you should do, want to do, and NEED to do! It's not rocket science ;)

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