Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivation Monday

Positive affirmations! Do you say them? I live in a house full of men, 2 smaller than one. All male! Sometimes they forget that I'm a female and they treat me as the made, chief, car driver and entertainment organizer! Shocker?! Any way...I was reading the other day about saying positive affirmations to yourself every day. Don't wait to hear something positive, tell yourself something positive every morning. Like..."Yes I can eat clean, because I AM worth it"! Or "I am an awesome mom and I deserve an hour for myself to exercise"! Or...."even though I ate like crap yesterday, I will eat better today and write down everything I eat and drink"! Try it now...or tomorrow morning! If you cannot love yourself, who can? Make a list of positive adjectives that reflect your ideal lifestyle, such as,"fit", "energetic", "lean", and "strong". Keep the list on your refrigerator door!


  1. Wowza!!! This is the perfect Monday to put this out there for me.......and I HAVE to start writing everything down really helps me stay on track for the day. Thank you!

  2. WOW is right! This was speaking to me this morning during outdoor bootcamp. Our 1st segment was to run from the Y to Eherman Farms. I immediately mouthed the words "I can't" before we even started. I thought I was going to vomit. She stuck with me and said "yes you can. Don't quit." I was way behind the others BUT that didn't matter because I DID finish the run and I did run that last hill when I thought I couldn't. It is all in the mind. Tam, thanks for sticking with me today. I can and will beat this running "thing". Mind of matter.