Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do You Count your Calories?

Calories, our body's fuel source. If you consume way more calories than your body can burn you are going to gain weight and keep gaining.

I came across a blog that was stating that as long as you ate "clean", counting calories doesn't matter. Really? Because I could make my Bison burger sliders with whole wheat buns and my black bean broccoli slaw and eat 4 sliders and the entire bowl of broccoli slaw and gain weight! (Along with my other food for the day!) Couldn't you?!

So I was about ready to leave a comment when I saw that the blogger left a p.s. comment. "Don't forget you have the proper serving sizes on your hands...Your palm is your protein, 2 hands together is your green Veggies, one cupped hand for fruit/nuts, and thumb for fat. 5-6 meals a day making sure you keep to your serving sizes!" Whew! I feel better now! So basically if you don't want to "count" calories you still have to "measure" your food one way or another! I'll use my food scale and count, thank you. What works for you?

It's not about how good you are, but how bad you want it!

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