Monday, June 13, 2011

Motivation Monday

My birthday was Saturday...43! I have never felt so good in all my life! Really! I was a overweight teenager, shy with horrible skin and out of control hair! Oh the drama...glad that is over"!In my twenties I was a pack a day smoker, bartender, drinker and late night nosher, and still overweight! In my thirties I quit smoking and got pregnant with twins gained 70 pounds and gave birth to my boys 14 weeks early, their combined weight was 3 pounds! I was suffering from post pardum depression and inadequacy being a first time mom. We moved 300 miles away from anyone I knew where my husband worked 12 hour days. Diving deeper and deeper into my drepession I tried to "heal" myself by drinking, a.l.o.t! Easily hidden from my work aholic hubby. I had actually had started smoking again. Ready to take the bridge, I sought help (still overweight). I went on zoloft and talked to a therapist for a number of months. I started exercising on a regular basis, because the facility offered 2 hours free daycare! I became a regular group exercise participant! Quit smoking...again...Started to regain a handle on my weight but not grasping the whole nutrition part of it. We moved back to Pennsylvania and I started to word 3 days as a manicurist, stopped exercising and gained 20 pounds! I started crash diets for quick weight loss for vacations, class reunions, and such...then time disappeared and I was soon to turn forty! I really looked at my diet and found that it was horrible! I decided to make some serious changes in my nutrition, which eventually included alcohol, but not right away. Small changes lead to bigger changes that lead to even bigger changes! Right now I can physically do things that I never thought possible at any stage of my life. It feels great to be 43! It was all because I wanted to change. Whether you think you can or you think you can't, your probably right!

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  1. Another WOW! First, I want to say it must be hard to put yourself out there like this. You are such a strong, beautiful and motivating person. It is hard to imagine you were depressed, drank, smoked or was overweight. Second, reading this does give people hope and motivation that anyone can fulfill a goal. A fitness goal specifically. I think it is one of the hardest goals to achieve in life. It takes so much discpline to eat right, get to the gym and lift heavier weights :). Anyway,your story really does help so many women. Women that are afraid to voice their fears or past failures because of how others might veiw them. For me, you helped me through one of the worse times in my life. I look back and think about who I was before all the drama. I am always a good person. I know this. Just maybe not discplined enough to take care of myself before I started thinking about being strong and heathly. You helped me understand this and why it is important to always take care of yourelf. If you don't who will. Thank you for sharing such a personal story.