Monday, May 9, 2011

What Motivates You....

What's your mission? Whats your goal? I usually say this at least once in each group exercise class I instruct. You've got to have a goal! A monumental birthday, a class reunion, a wedding, a race...something!
I find weight loss to be "easier" if I attach it to something. One January I found myself 20 pounds over weight (again!) and I decided I'd train for a sprint triathlon. I ended up participating in 3 triathlons that summer one each month and I lost 15 pounds in the process!
 My latest goal is figure competitions. I competed for the first time last November. In the process of preparing for the competition someone asked me if I thought that I could win...I said, "I already have! I taught the girl who has struggled with weight loss her entire life that, YES you can control what you eat!" I did go on to win the competition! But it was what I learned in the process of that goal that made the difference. I am competing again on the 21st of this month...I still continue to set goals for myself.
What about you? Whats your mission? What is your goal?

"The odds of hitting a target go up dramatically when you aim at it." ~Mal Pancoast

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  1. Wowza!!!!!!! How sparkly and beautiful...You go're always an inspiration to me!