Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blast Away Fat!

Swim suit season is cresting upon us...Are you ready?
Here are six things that you can do to change up your current routine.
  1. Shock your body. Moving from one exercise to the next without rest. For example, push ups to chest presses, crunches to a plank, front lateral raise to an over head press, walking lunges to squats...no rest, keep moving until you've fatigued every body part.
  2. Slow down. Slow down the repetitions...4 count down, 4 count up with a definite stop at the bottom and top.
  3. Step it up. After a regular set of weighted exercise perform a set quickly with out weights. example...forward lunges with dumbbells and a set of jump lunges. Back Squats (bar on rear deltoids) and quick squats with out weight. Chest flys to push ups...get the idea?
  4. Get off the ground. Plyometrics...leaping, jumping or skipping quickly. Add that in between sets or circuit training...2 sets of a regular exercise and 2 sets of plyometrics!
  5. Split the difference. Do a full rep of an exercise and then just do half of the same exercise...fire up those muscles!
  6. Mix in the cardio. Make the most of the time in between sets...Grab a jump rope! Do a set of chest presses and jump rope for 1 minute, repeat through out your entire full body workout! Wa-la! Your own boot camp!
Shock your body...do something different. Make a change to your workout and your body will change too!

At the beginning of any task, more than anything else, your attitude will affect it's successful outcome.
~Jeffrey Gitomer

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