Friday, May 13, 2011

Bison...Have you tryed it? (This was Thursdays Post!)

So tonight was a monumental night! We all had bison for the first time. Everyone LOVED it!

I haven't had beef (burger) in some time. Mostly I eat a turkey burger if anything. A few weeks ago I made my boys pasta sauce with ground beef, I always taste test my suace before I serve it, just in case it needs something. I used 95% lean ground beef...All I could taste was greese! Yuck! Was I never going to eat a hamburger again? Because that tasted awful!

So, I have been reading some of my favorite cook books... and they use Bison a ton. I thought, If I could find it I would try it out. So I did...There is not a picture of my lovely burger and roasted asparagus because we (me!) were so hungry it vanished quickly! Oh my! Bison is GREAT! Not "gamey" like venison. I've had Elk before (yes the one that is hanging over one of the fire places in my can see "Moe" on Jennifer Junipers blog  http:// She featured my home a few thursdays ago)

Any how... Here is so

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