Monday, October 3, 2011

Motivation Monday

 Meet my friend Lori Carpenter!

"As Oprah likes to say, 'have you had an aha moment?' Well I did but it was more like a WHOA-HO! moment!

I knew over the years I had gained some weight. Then I had kids and put on more weight, but not much, right? W-R-O-N-G!! Not only had I gained weight, but between the cookies, cakes, comfort food, bread-oh lordy the delicious bread (I can smell it now) I had become obese. GULP-OBESE-ME???

Yes, me, shoving my face full of all the foods that, honestly, now I do not even like. But not only the type of food, but the portions of that food as well, was WAY more than I needed.

So as I saw pictures of my triple chins, surpassed the double shin and went straight to the triple. Kinda like skipping the double dog dare and going straight to the triple dog dare, I got my big ol' jiggly butt to Weight Watchers and joined Tammy's kickboxing class.

It started to work, I lost 25 lbs within a year-yeah! But wait...I am still in the overweight category! ;(

Started working out a little more, got a little more weight off but, ahh, I could not get down where I wanted to be. Then I took a weight loss class that Tammy was teaching, and that was awesome! I learned that it is so vital to watch what you put in your body as well as how much you put in your body. I lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks! Now I'm rockin it!

Until I forget all that I learned of what Tammy taught me and I slip back into old habits.

Finally, I said, enough is enough! I so not want to be obese, I do not want high blood pressure, I do not want diabetes. So I pull out all of my 'Tammy recipes', work out with a great blend of cardio and weight training. Now I am seeing the difference.

The most important thing I did though, was cut out all processed foods. Not only do I look better, but holy cow, I feel amazing!

I am proud to say this coming May I am turning 40 and have never felt so good. Even better than when I was in my teens. So here is my weight in numbers so you can all see if YOU decide to make a change, YOU CAN DO IT!! Five years ago i started out at 184 pounds and today I am 131 pounds. That is 53 pounds gone to never come back! You can do if I can do it! Do it for YOU because you are worth it!
Lori Carpenter

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  1. Hey Lori and I turn 40 in the same month! Woo hoo! I can't see the after photo - but let me tell you, she looks nothing like this now!