Monday, October 24, 2011

Challenge for the Season of Over Eating

Wow! Almost 54 days until Christmas?! Jeez....

OK...That's not my point!

We are entering into a season of "Bad Food Choices"! It starts with Halloween...The Treats...The Kids Party's...The Grown-up party's...The Pillow Cases of Candy!

Then we enter into Thanksgiving! Uugghhh! The mass amounts of food!

THEN December brings more party' school party' party's...girlfriends get togethers...Christmas Eve Dinner...Christmas Day....THEN New Years! What is a girl to do?!

Make a PLAN!  One of my favorite sayings is "Fail to Plan...Plan to Fail"! Have you ever had a party that you didn't plan for? Would you ever think of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner without a grocery special recipes...not knowing how many people were coming! If you did it turn out?

My point is, we PLAN for parties, vacations, kids activities, shopping, laundry,etc... We RARELY plan what we are going to consume for the day! Plan your diet for the holiday season! Know what you are going to eat at each meal.

 Halloween...I challenge you to NOT eat a piece of candy! One leads to MANY!
Thanksgiving dinner, eat light meals up to the Big Meal, and have a small amount of everything on the table, that way you won't feel deprived and you wont piss off your Mother! If you have to bring something, bring a dish you made light and "clean". Christmas Dinner, do the same thing.

As for the parties, eat lightly before and after, and challenge yourself to stay away from the 'horderve table. Carry a small clutch purse that you have to hold in your hand, have a drink in the other so you won't mindlessly eat. Have a cocktail that you HAVE to sip (martini) and alternate with water or sparkling water. Think about the food that you are bringing to a gathering and make it light, or a veggie or fruit tray, so there is something that  you can fill up on that's not loaded with empty calories!

Don't forget to exercise daily during the next months. I know that things get crazy and we put ourselves on the back burner for everyone else. Just repeat after me..."Sure, I can do______! Right after I go the the gym!" You will feel much better after you sweat! And you'll have more energy too!

So I challenge you to make a PLAN for yourself, and stick to it! You'll be much happier in January if you do! Save your resolution for "Giving true Compliments"! Or something of that nature!

The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

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  1. Yep...I'm planning on all of the things you speak of.....wish me luck!!!