Friday, September 16, 2011

What I'm Lovin!

The Salon by Marian Davis

I know that this is not technically a "Health and Fitness" subject...How ever I think "mental health" is just as important as overall health! I firmly believe that if you love something you must share it with your friends....I'm lovin The Salon by Marian Davis!

For years I colored my own hair...years! Occasionally I would get it trimmed, I have long style. It I thought! I started getting darker and darker. I thought I looked exotic! Not so much...Apparently death warmed over was more like it! Someone actually asked me if I was going "Goth"! At 42?! I don't think so!! So I went to a,salon (not The Salon,)  to get my hair lightened ...long story short...I had brown yellow/orange hair, I looked like a calico cat! I freaked!

A friend of mine, who has the most beautiful hair, suggested Marian. I went and fell in love with her and her salon! Not only is she honest with you and your locks, and she makes you feel like a Rock Star when you're done! The time that you get to spend at The Salon is awesome, from the cool boutique in the front room, to the incredible head massage during the shampoo! Marian makes you feel like you are a queen! If only for an hour or 2!

Maggie, Lauren, Nikki, and Gretchen...(I'm forgetting one! I'm sorry!) are all wonderful as well! If you have not been happy with your hair color or cut and are close to Harmony Pa. (even if you're not, it's worth the drive!) I highly recommend them! Oh! And they also give fantastic pedicures (thank you Maggie!)  manicures, and waxing!

Go pamper yourself ! You're worth it!!

There is nothing permanent except change

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