Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nutrition Tips

Nutrition tips for the week: Plan ahead
I buy in bulk.... Costco and Sams Club are my stores! Skinless, boneless, chicken tenders or breasts, Tialipia, Mahi Mahi, Turkey burger, Salmon, fresh fruit and veggies. When I come home I'll break down the packages...I will grill all of the chicken and put them in freezer bags in 4/5oz servings, and plop them in the freezer so they are ready to go in the morning for my husband and myself. I make my own 4oz turkey burgers... less sodium and I can add what ever I want! Like fat free feta and Mrs Dash garlic and herb! Two per bag so they are ready to be cooked for the freezer they go! I do cook the fish and freeze them in individual containers, If I know I'm eating them that week. I know it says not to on the package, but heck...I'm fine ;)
Frozen broccoli and vegetable stir-fry are a staple in my freezer too. Of course without any added salt/ flavoring and such. Bags and Bags of Broccoli Slaw are a must! So is Spring mix and Romaine lettuce.
All fruit is washed, and grapes rinsed and picked in a big bowl, right beside the hard boiled eggs in the fridge.
"Fail to plan...Plan to fail" What is your plan?


  1. Just a little planning ahead really can make all the difference.

    I've noticed that when I just fly by the seat of my pants with meals and snacks I tend to eat really bad.

  2. Alrighty.......I need to start doing this too!!!!!!

  3. Love the quote at the end! Good food looks so colorful and pretty. I do not see 1 Pepsi or Mt. Dew in there :) Seriously though, broccoli slaw is my new best friend. Eating tons of salads and slaw w/shrimp these days. I see Chobani. Another best friend. Chobani and a banana. I will never eat regular yogurt or sour cream again. Greek yogurt is the way to go.

  4. This is perfect - I need to get better at the planing ahead - I love the idea of cooking all the chicken first - that is one of my hold up's when it comes to chicken - when I want it - I don't want to defrost then cook. Great suggestion. I have three little ones at home - so any planning ahead is helpful!