Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh My Goodness!!

I do love the holidays! This year I LOVED the holidays a bit too much! Between  the cocktails on the beach daily on  vacation over Thanksgiving and Christmas...(the cookies, cookies, cookies, I made for the neighbors and had to sample and sample!) I gained a good solid 5 pounds! I know that it doesn't sound like much! But I feel awful!

My husband jumped on the scale Saturday, and made a horrible noise! "Holy ____!! I've gained 7 pounds!" Oh...but not to worry...after a few trips to the bathroom and eating normally today he has lost 5 pounds! The Jack-Wagon!!! (I love him, But he pisses me off when he does that!!)

It never fails! Men always lose weight faster than women!

So here is my plan:
Breakfast: 4 Egg white omelet with onions, peppers, and 1 cup fresh broccoli
Snack: 4oz Chicken breast 2Tblsp gluten free BBQ sauce
Lunch: 4oz turkey burger, onions, peppers, portobello mushroom, and 1 cup fresh spinach. Sauteed.
Snack: 4oz Chicken breast 2Tblsp gluten free BBQ sauce
Dinner: 4 oz Turkey burger, onions, peppers, portpbello mushroom, and 1 cup fresh Broccoli. Sauteed.
Water, Water, WATER!!!

Repeat after me: Food is my body's FUEL. Food is my body's FUEL!
I have been telling myself that all day.. and you know what? It works :)

Come back next Monday to see how I did!

"I think in terms of the DAY'S resolution, not the YEAR'S!~ Henry Moore

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