Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Motivation

OK...So my Mom was in over the weekend. Our time spent together now is much, MUCH different that all of those years ago when I was a child. That is a good thing! (Thank you...Lord!)

Anyhoo...The person that I am now compared to the person I was then,are completely different. If you've read any of my blog, you know that I've struggled with weight my whole life. But not only was the weight an issue for me, it played a huge part in my confidence level. I was a VERY insecure, shy girl. I never felt that I could accomplish much in my life. Not that I had much support either, but I do feel that the weight I carried and the way people responded to me did have an effect on my life. I commonly got..."Your just big boned!" "Go outside and move your body!" "Stop eating!" Mind you, I wasn't lazy! I played Softball, Basketball and was on the track team, however, I threw javelin, discus and shot put! Not a lot of running there! I had an eating problem...I ate too much! We had to clean our plates because there were starving kids in China! We had pasta... a LOT!(it was cheap) Our serving size was enough to feed a family of four! I'm not kidding! With bread (my comfort food) and a salad, with home made ranch dressing! Have you ever had *hit on a shingle? That is caned beef in a cream sauce on toast....yes, it did look like *hit! I could go on and on about the casseroles   made with mayonnaise and such the like...but I've got to stick to the point!

Being a child in a house without the knowledge of serving sizes, nutritional information, and basically trying to feed a family of 6 with out much money or time didn't help my over weight body! So I carried that way of eating into my 20's and early 30's. As my body started to change for the better, so did my self confidence level, I  now am OK in my body. I don't try to hide in big shirts. I wear a bikini now, something my Mother wouldn't let me wear as a teen because I looked horrible! One piece old lady suits! The pictures are awful to see! Am I still a bit salty over my child hood? Sometimes...But it is a reminder for me how not to treat my boys as they change into teenagers. If you ever met Cole and Dane they are very confident in their own skin!

So my point is, be comfortable in your own skin! You don't have to be a twig to be healthy! Isn't that the point? Health? To feel good in your own skin and be confident with yourself, FOR yourself! If you have some weight to loose, choose to loose it! Choose to teach your  children about serving sizes and the difference between "real" food and "processed" food. Make healthy food  for your family and you! Learn together! Be confident with yourself! You are worth it :)

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.~

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  1.'re the BEST!!!! You teach me everyday.....and are truly my motivation. Keep rockin'!