Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Is this how you feel after eating your Thanksgiving meal?

The average person consumes between 3500-4500 calories on their Thanksgiving Dinner! That does NOT include breakfast or lunch!
A pound of body fat consists of 3500 calories...The math is easy to figure out!
Don't start your holiday season off on wrong foot!
Eat small portions and stay away from the appetizer table. Watch the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The average bottle of dry red wine has 4 servings per bottle equaling 750 calories, approximately.
Wear your skinny jeans not leggings! Be aware of how your pants feel through out the day.
If you feel that you can just exercise off your meal, think again...If you consumed 3500 calories you would have to exercise vigorously for over 5 hours! Whoa!

Create your plan!!

Determination is the heartbeat of a dream. Determination says success is sticking to the task when the feelings for it have disappeared. It’s what ushers a dream into a reality.

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