Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivation Monday

Yes this is the week of preparing for Thanksgiving!

I had mine yesterday with my family, my mother, brother and sister in laws. I spent the whole day in the kitchen, cooking, chopping, stirring, sauteing,and roasting! Typically I made way too much food!! I made enough for 20 people and we only had 7! Leftovers for all!

I did not over stuff my self! I took a little bit of everything, I was completely satisfied and didn't feel mad at myself for over indulging! I had thought about how much I was going to eat for a few days. My head was in the game, you need to start thinking about what  you are going to do on your Thanksgiving day too. It's not too soon to plan out your day!

A great way to start Thanksgiving day is participating in your local "Turkey Trot"! Most YMCA's have a 5k the morning of Thanksgiving! Find one and make it a family event! It's a great way to start the day! Get your body moving and have a plan for your meals!

Fail to plan. Plan to fail!

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